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Case Study

 3 bedroom bungalow Guildford

The client is renovating a 100 year old property that has had nothing done to it for the last 45 years so it was a complete "start again" opportunity. The brief was to bring it up to modern standards and beyond. The renovation included ripping out all the floor joists and installing underfloor heating, heat recovery ventilation to give 24hr fresh air in which is warmed by the stale extracted air, new wiring, new plumbing a rear extension and major work to the kitchen, including making the ceiling into a vaulted ceiling. Everything is to be state of the art and energy conservation top priority so selecting a Loxone system to control things was the obvious step


Below are some of the feature the owners particularly like, but there are many more

First to be tackled was the kitchen:


The ceiling and ceiling rafters removed, dining room wall removed and one large room with vaulted ceiling created. 

The lighting is all LED (as is the entire property) and controlled via Motion sensors. For manual input there is a switch by the door and of course you can use the iPad/ Tablet or phone as well. Lights are set to scenes so for instance just two of the six pendants can be illuminated over the dining room table or maybe all the lights if task lighting is required. 




The patio light comes on automatically as you open the bi-fold doors and music from the Loxone music server plays from the two flush mounted speakers on the gable wall.

As with all the lighting, it will go off shortly after you leave the room, and if they have been switched on manually, then they still turn off after a period on the assumption that as you haven't moved then you must have left and therefore don't need them on

 The living room was next, a particular favourite is the concealed LED strips for mood lighting to complement the downlights and side lamps.

 The room has underfloor heating and also an electric wall fire as a backup heat source which can be controlled via the Loxone App or wall switch. 

The surround sound speakers are flushed into the ceiling and again controlled by the music server 

Bathroom, Mood lighting, Music, TV all controlled.  Lights and music come on via Motion sensors as you enter the room. Between dusk and daybreak, the music is off and in night mode, the LED strips just glow so you don't get blinded at when you get up at 2 am.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The towel rail is controlled independently from the heating and hot water can be started at the touch of a button and runs for a set time before turning itself off, a cheeky new feature is that when the towel rail turns on or off, a message is read out over the speakers so you can decide if you need to boost it 


    A Motion sensor in the shower cubicle not only controlled the lights but also boosts the ventilation for a set time, as does the humidity sensor in the main part of  the bathroom so that either a shower or bath will boost the fan

         shower                 bathroom_by_shower

       The alarm system is linked to the music server and lights so in addition to the normal noises outside, activation causes a combination of music, lights, the internal alarm and whole house lights flashing. A message is sent to phones and iPads and a phone call made to selected recipients to say the alarm has gone off. 

The alarm can be reset or turned off remotely if appropriate having looked at the cameras and assessed any other information   alarm_app

Door bell, this is great, when the doorbell is pressed, not only does it pause the speakers and sound a "ding-dong" via them, but you get a phone call which allows you to see and speak to the visitor, particularly useful for deliveries


 Swimming pool,  the swimming pool is heated via solar thermal tubes. The Loxone system, of course, controls this, with temperature sensors monitoring the pool and solar temperatures and then controlling valves which then prevent the pool water passing through the heat exchanger if the solar temperature is lower than the pool temperature. This is because you don't want the heat exchanger to work in reverse and cool the pool water at night. During the summer a pool temperature of 31 degrees +  was achieved all from FREE sun


The Utility Room which also houses the boiler, is a heated room, so to prevent lost heat caused by the outside door being left open, has a control set that turns the heating off when the door is open, and of course, the lights go off when you leave which is particularly important as it is the pool shower room as well and kids generally love leaving lights on!



  Push Notices, one of the features is the ability to send a "push notification" to the owner's phone to tell them that the front door had just opened. this was for peace of mind that the cleaner or dog walker was there, you could also use this to tell you the kids are home safely. They found this really useful while on holiday as it uses the hotel WIFI to receive the free message

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